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African / Middle Eastern Flavours 

Malouf's Spice Mezza Ras el Hanout

Size: 55g
Producer: Malouf's spice mezza
Price: $9.99
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About Malouf's Spice Mezza Ras el Hanout

This is the legendary North African spice mix, which loosely translates as 'house blend'. Cooks from Tunisia to Morocco swear by their own Ras el Hanout blends, which can include up to 30 ingredients even rose buds and the infamous Spanish fly (a powdered beetle rumoured to be an aphrodisiac).

Product Uses

Ras el Hanout is especially good as a marinade for poultry and vegetables. For a simple marinade crush a small clove of garlic with a teaspoon of sea salt and add 1to 2 teaspoons of Ras el Hanout and half a cup of olive oil. Ras el Hanout can also be used in soups and tagines; after sauteing onions and garlic, add the spice mix and cook before adding meat, vegetables and stock. It can also be mixed with flour and used as a dusting when grilling, roasting or frying. Add a teaspoon to rice or couscous for further flavour.

About Malouf's spice mezza

Greg founded the company, Malouf's Mezza, to spread the word of contemporary Middle Eastern food.

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