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About Joseph

In 1989 a young winemaker called Joe Grilli put a ladder in the back of his ute and went and knocked on the doors of friends and strangers alike, 'Are you going to do anything with those olives?' he asked. The answer was usually 'no' as up until then olive oil was something imported by specialist delicatessens. Hard to believe but 21 years ago Australian extra virgin olive oil was completely unknown. Joe made the first tiny batch of JOSEPH Olive Oil to draw attention to his Italian heritage and his new JOSEPH wine label. He bottled it in wine bottles declaring a vintage on the front label. Twenty one years later this seasonal product is a multiple gold medal winning Australian gourmet icon.

Joseph Joseph First Run Extra Virgin Olive Oil 375ml

Joseph First Run Extra Virgin Olive Oil 375ml

Size: 375ml
Producer: Joseph
Price: $24.99

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Heralding the start of the new season the 2010 JOSEPH First Run Extra Virgin Olive Oil is the first and freshest oil to be released from an outstanding growing season. As the name suggests, this Australian gourmet icon is the very first run of oil fr....
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