Hot Chocolate review

The Real Hot Chocolate

Posted on June 2nd, 2011 by Jess Causley

Hot Chocolate Review

The Real Hot Chocolate is obviously a favourite for special occasions. Just as the name suggests it is real chocolate moulded to a wooden spoon. They are so pretty and we have so much fun drinking them. All you do is put one in a mug of warm milk. Stir and lick as you go while the chocolate is melting.  It comes in milk, dark and white chocolate.

This is a boutique range from the Blue Mountains.  This is one of the purest hot chocolate on the market.

Botero, a local brand from Maclean, makes a very good value for money hot chocolate. This is the hot chocolate of choice for a lot of upper end cafés. Botero also make a very good hot white chocolate. Sometimes white chocolates have that artificial flavour or overpowering sweetness to it, but this one is spot on.







The hot chocolate in my cupboard is the Hills of Byron drinking chocolate. They are a coffee grower and roaster and this is the newest addition to their range. They tested many different chocolates and got down to three they liked. They mixed them all together and the result is this rich dark hot chocolate. The chocolate comes from Holland and Hills of Byron mixes it in the Byron Bay hinterland.

For something different we like Becks Organic range of hot chocolate. They have flavoured varieties which come in English toffee, vanilla and cinnamon. This range is organic.

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  1. Dolly said on June 12, 2011:

    god this would be great for todays weather!!!

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