Macadamias, Duck Creek and Nut Fresh

Macadamia pieces covered in dark chocolate.

Posted on May 25th, 2011 by Jess Causley

When it comes to macadamias, the Duck Creek range is definitively at the top end of the market. Their nuts are fresh and of great quality, bigger than most, and the chocolate used to cover them are of the best quality.
Macadamia pieces covered in dark chocolate.

The Chocolate macadamia hearts are one of the most delicious thing I have ever eaten. No expenses  spared making these hearts. They are full of macadamia peices covered in the best dark chocolate. If I hadn’t forgotten about mothers day this year, this  would have been a worthy present of my mum!

But I would have to say my favourite in this range is the Fantasies, a trio of white, milk and dark chocolate layered over honey dipped macadamias. So yummy!








The macadamias also come in savoury dustings, including roasted garlic, wasabi and Bombassa BBQ. Perfect as a half healthy quality snack together with drinks.










Duck Creek’s macadamias are grown in the Byron Bay hinterland. They keep spraying to a minimum and uses bio-pest oils.

We also like the Nut Fresh Macadamias. They are a lot cheaper  and not as good as the Duck Creek’s, but good enough.  The packaging is not as good as the Duck Creek, but if they are just for eating and not for gifts, they are perfect. This range is a local one as well.

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